Every producer should take responsibility for the products they places on the market and the impact such activities on the environment.


MONOBI is the fulfillment and realization of a vision for an authentic, beautiful accessory; a talisman that adds glamor and allows you to express yourself.

This vision needed time to be able to breath life into MONOBI is such a way that also cared for the natural environment.

We live on a planet whose resources are used daily, so considering what individual products, accessories and even everyday objects are made of is essential to our survival.


One could wonder if we should’ve really devoted an entire year to finding the right producers for every component of MONOBI. After all, the entire talisman is only about 1 gram, so why go to so much trouble?

I believe that designing and introducing any product to the market - even as small as a gram - comes with a responsibility regarding the impact on the natural environment.

I place great importance in the fact that the plants producing the silicone and silver for MONOBI all use modern facilities with high energy efficiency relating to a use of green energy, improving their production processes in oder to further minimize their environmental impact.

These little details make our world better each day, directing our attention to the subject of saving our plant.
Let’s be responsible every day to create a better tomorrow together!


Choosing the raw materials to product MONOBI from was an extremely difficult and insightful process. It was vital to not only choose materials that would be human-friendly, but also kind to the environment.

Next came the selection of responsible processing plants, needed throughout the entire production chain. This is why the choice of TPE silicone, which is 100% recycled, and pure silver, produced by Lower Silesian KGHM smelters (in the process of copper electrolytic refining) are additional environmental values.

Likewise, the packaging and blotting paper used for MONOBI are also 100% recycled, as well as the wrapping and string used on the outer packaging.