Designed to intrigue, MONOBI’s shapes are attractive and captivating, yet never exaggerate or distract.

Our designs are characterized by key attention to proportions, subtletly and lightness.

The MONOBI SIMPLE line was created in cooperation with designer Zbigniew Podgórski. It’s thanks to his expertise that MONOBI never fails to impress!


Express your individuality with fresh form and give you glasses a unique character.

I want you to feel free and sensual at the same time.

I want you to feel confident and strong every day.

I want you to look phenomenal, always..

I want you to adjust your glasses to your style every day - and every occasion.

MONOBI made in eu

MONOBI is produced in Poland throughout almost its entire production cycle. Elements are all folded, soldered and polished by hand. The entire production process is closely supervised.

The only element that produced in Poland is the chain, which comes from Italy - a country known to possess one of the world’s best silver production technologies. It’s also a well kept secret regarding how they make chains that captivate with beauty, hence the choice!