Unique & intricate eyewear jewelry

MONOBI was created to stay with YOU throughout everyday life and even special occasions.
Featuring a lightweight yet engrossing design, this sleek yet detailed form will complement YOUR style flawlessly.

Effortless individuality

MONOBI isn’t just a great style accessory - it’s also a talisman and source of secret pleasure if your day to day activities. Tenderly move it with your fingertips and let is gently stroke YOUR cheek.



for those who value light and fleeting moments


for those looking to make a subtle impact

MONOBI is born from the desires of hundreds of women who have trusted me in choosing their perfect frames.

I remember the sparks of admiration that flicker in our eyes when we first measure the avant-garde frames, followed by the mute evaluation and decision to go with classic frames that are suitable for any occasion. .

A year later and we have MONOBI, which will refresh each frame with personal character, providing greater sensuality and intricate detail to your style.

MONOBI allows you to express yourself
every day
in every occasion
in every mood

Karolina Lechna-Kochmańska
MONOBI Karolina założyciel

Let MONOBI shine for YOU